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Showerdome - Water Saving

Many people have not changed their shower rose to a more water conserving type because they enjoy a warm shower and are concerned that less flow will leave them cold and uncomfortable.

When a Showerdome is fitted to a shower cubicle, the warm moist air stays trapped inside the shower - it does not rise up and flow out to the rest of the room. This in turn means that cooler air is not being drawn into the shower causing cold and uncomfortable drafts.

The result of fitting a Showerdome is a cosy warm environment that requires less water at a lower temperature to maintain a warm comfortable shower.

Many showers use 15 - 20 litres of water per minute. With the addition of a flow regulator or a low flow shower head considerable savings will be made. There is a lot of evidence showing that typical families can save over 20,000 litres per year. Added to that is the saving gained from not heating so much water and heating it to a lower temperature. The savings are considerable.

Don't delay. You can now enjoy the savings from using less water and energy by fitting a water conservation shower head or regulator - and still enjoy a warm cosy shower by fitting a Showerdome.

The addition of a Showerdome in conjunction with a flow regulator to your shower will result in a surprisingly fast payback on costs - and help to conserve valuable water resources.